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Mental Health First Aid at Work

Create healthier and more engaged employees

Prioritize mental health before it hits your bottom line. Partner with us to find the best mental wellbeing strategy for your organization. Available for all industries, with industry-specific versions for the retail and restaurant industries.

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Why Mental Health Matters in the Workplace

40% of employees have reported that their jobs have had a negative impact on their mental health.
Untreated mental health conditions cost employers $47.6 billion in productivity each year.
75% of employees indicated that stigma was present in their workplaces.

How Mental Health First Aid at Work Can Help

Create a new path of resilience and wellbeing.
Reduce stigma, discrimination and costs associated with untreated mental health conditions.
Address mental health and substance use challenges.
Increase employee productivity, morale and retention.

Don’t just take our word for it


“Mental Health First Aid allows employees to feel more prepared in professional and personal situations — and demonstrates the organization’s support for this important topic. Mental Health First Aid at Work has provided awareness and the ability to understand that we all have a story how mental health has impacted us.” — Laura Jeffries, Donor Alliance, Inc.

Get your boss on board


You already know the value of Mental Health First Aid at Work. Of course, you still might need to convince your boss, or even their boss. We can help. Use this easily adapted email template, filled with everything you need to help get them on board. Download pre-written email.

Achieve Strategic Results Through Our Collaborative Network


The National Council is proud to partner with many organizations with a shared mission and passion for promoting wellbeing for all people. Those interested in MHFA at Work should be sure to check out the products and services of our Partners.

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