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The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Impact Network brings together organizations that share the National Council for Mental Wellbeing‘s values and mission to support people of all ages and backgrounds who experience mental health and substance use challenges to help build healthier, happier and safer communities across the U.S.


The MHFA Impact Network can help your organization achieve its unique goals:


  • Increase your visibility and brand awareness among more than 2.5 million Mental Health First Aiders, Instructors and corporate and community organizations.

  • Become part of a national network of corporate, community, government and philanthropic partners contributing to the mental wellbeing of their industries and communities.

  • Raise your organization’s profile as a thought leader in mental health and substance use care through new and innovative avenues.

  • Mobilize millions of people across the U.S. to take action and create positive change in mental health and substance use treatment.


By joining the MHFA Impact Network, you are committing to #BeTheDifference for your loved ones, employees and community.

Choose from these MHFA Impact Network Partnerships:

  • Philanthropic Impact Partners

    For-profit and non-profit organizations focused on increasing mental health and substance use education and awareness. Through corporate funding or donations, they expand the reach of MHFA to unique audiences to help grow the First Aider community.

  • Community Impact Partners

    Community-based non-profit organizations, including federal, state, local government entities or municipalities, demonstrating a strong commitment to implementing MHFA either statewide or across a range of community settings and population groups. They play a vital role in building community capacity to improve mental wellbeing by mobilizing community partners and members, influencing legislative appropriations and building a centralized statewide network within a community.

  • Commercial Impact Partners

    Organizations focused on growing the Mental Health First Aider community by offering MHFA Instructor trainings, such as Youth MHFA and Adult MHFA, and MHFA at Work trainings to other organizations with existing business relations or in other professional settings on a large scale.

MHFA Impact Partnerships of any type will include associated costs or expectations for your organization, as well as services and benefits provided by MHFA USA.

Interested in learning more?

Apply to become an Impact Network Partner today by completing the form below with as much information about your proposed partnership initiative as possible. The MHFA Strategic Partnerships team regularly reviews partnership applications and will reach out to the contact information submitted as soon as we can. Please email us with any questions at