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Mental Health First Aid
for Veterans

Mental Health First Aid for Veterans

For some members of the military, the battle doesn’t end when they leave the battlefield. Mental Health First
Aid for Military Members, Veterans and their Families teaches people how to notice and respond to signs of
mental health and addiction challenges with a specific focus on the cultural factors related to military life.

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Why Mental Health Matters for Veterans

30 percent of active duty and reserve military personnel deployed in Iraq
and Afghanistan have a mental health condition requiring treatment.

Fewer than 50 percent of returning veterans receive mental health treatment.

Approximately 20 veterans die from suicide every day.

How Mental Health First Aid for Military Members, Veterans and Their Families Can Help

Addresses common mental health concerns encountered by veterans, military
members and their families.

Reduces stigma.

Teaches strategies for family members, friends and comrades to create an
environment that encourages open dialogue about mental health.

Offers self-help strategies to stay mentally well.

Suggests useful resources where someone can get professional help.

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To read more about how Mental Health First Aid is helping critical populations,
check out our case studies , or read our blog and filter by population type.

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