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Mental Health First Aid
for Older Adults

Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults

Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults addresses the unique mental health challenges people aged 50 and older
experience and teaches participants how to notice and respond to an older adult who may be living with a mental
illness or addiction.

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Why Mental Health Matters for Older Adults

The addiction rate for Americans aged 50 and older is expected to almost
double to 5.7 million by 2020.
More than 1 million adults aged 65 and up had a substance use disorder.
About 15 percent of older adults aged 60 and older live with a mental health

How Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults Can Help

Reduces stigma
Provides resources on different treatment options for older adults living
with addictions.
Teaches skills to help older adults deal with major life stressors such
as loss of loved ones, decrease in functional ability and retirement.
Demonstrates support strategies so caretakers can better assist older
adults living with mental health challenges.

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