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Black Dog Ride

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Sunday, September 13 – Saturday, October 3, 2015

Black Dog Ride is heading to the United States in support of Mental Health First Aid USA.

Black Dog Ride began in Australia in 2009 as one man’s mission to raise awareness of depression and suicide. It has since developed into a national suicide prevention charity involving thousands of motorcycle riders who have raised over $1,800,000 for mental health services in Australia, fostering mental health awareness around the country.

This year, Black Dog Ride is coming to the United States for the first time in support of Mental Health First Aid USA. The Black Dog Riders will traverse the country over 21 days and 4,350 miles to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health First Aid USA training for veterans and first responders.

Due to the nature of their work, U.S. military veterans and first responders (police, paramedics, firefighters) are at high risk for developing depression, anxiety and PTSD, and subsequently they have a tragically high rate of suicide. Mental Health First Aid equips them with the tools to respond to a mental health crisis in an appropriate way, fostering help-seeking behavior, which can reduce the likelihood of a suicide attempt. Visit this link to donate today.

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The inaugural Black Dog Ride across America will begin it’s journey in New York City, heading west over 21 days. Throughout those action-packed days, 65 Australian Black Dog Riders will be meeting community members and organizations, building awareness of depression and suicide prevention across the USA.


Day 1 – Sunday, Sept. 13 – New York City to York, Pennsylvania 189 miles

Day 2 – Monday, Sept. 14 – York to Front Royal, Virginia 134 miles

Day 3 – Tuesday, Sept. 15 – Front Royal to Roanoke, Virginia 220 miles

Day 4 – Wednesday, Sept 16 – Roanoke to Hickory, North Carolina 190 miles

Day 5 – Thursday, Sept. 17 – Hickory to Gatlinburg, Tennessee 217 miles

Day 6 – Friday, Sept. 18 – Gatlinburg to Chattanooga, Tennessee 214 miles

Day 7 – Saturday, Sept. 19 – Chattanooga to Memphis, Tennessee 187 miles

Day 8 – Sunday, Sept. 20 – Rest Day

Day 9 – Monday, Sept. 21 – Memphis to Hot Springs, Arkansas 244 miles

Day 10 – Tuesday, Sept. 22 – Hot Springs to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 311 miles

Day 11 – Wednesday, Sept. 23 – Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Texas 258 miles

Day 12 – Thursday, Sept. 24 – Amarillo to Santa Fe, New Mexico 287 miles

Day 13 – Friday, Sept. 25 – Santa Fe to Durango, Colorado 275 miles

Day 14 – Saturday, Sept. 26 – Rest Day

Day 15 – Sunday, Sept. 27 – Durango to Bluff, Utah 298 miles

Day 16 – Monday, Sept. 28 – Kayenta AZ – Grand Canyon NP 228 miles

Day 17 – Tuesday, Sept. 29 – Grand Canyon to Kingman, Arizona 188 miles

Day 18 – Wednesday, Sept. 30 – Kingman to Las Vegas, Nevada 171 miles

Day 19 – Thursday, Oct. 1 – Rest Day

Day 20 – Friday, Oct. 2 – Las Vegas to Big Bear Lake, California 237 miles

Day 21 – Saturday, Oct. 3 – Big Bear Lake to Los Angeles, California 258 miles

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